DAY 87 – How to Cheat on the Paleo Diet

My Confession

It’s my 4th day on the 90 Day Paleo Challenge and to be honest I am surprised that I lasted this long before cheating. This blog is about accountability and I did promise to be completely honest with my readers about my commitment to the challenge, so here is my confession:

Today I ate chocolate and I drank a blue V drink.


Cheat #1 = Crest Chocolates Coconut Rough

A lovely young girl was selling chocolates today as a fundraiser for her school. She did such a great job selling them to me. She was polite and confident. How could I say no? To reward the young girl for her excellent fundraising efforts I purchased four chocolate bars. Then… I ate one.


Cheat #2 = Blue V Drink

I was lacking a little energy today. I’m not sure why? Maybe it’s because of my sugar withdrawals or maybe it’s because I have cut right back on my carbohydrates. Whatever the reason, I needed to find some energy from somewhere so that i could play indoor soccer. I purchased the new Blue V Drink which actually tastes very nice. I should have gone for the sugar-free version… or better yet the smaller size but no I had to purchase the biggest bluest V drink I could find. The buzz was great for the soccer game but the guilt is growing on me now.

Here is a pic of our indoor soccer team – The Family Fury!


What To Do After Cheating on The 90 Day Paleo Challenge?

Of course I will get straight back on track tomorrow, but how do I make up for my dieting cheats? Danielle Nicosia from Me Myself And Food has a great idea for Paleo Punishment! Danielle says “One cheat (includes all grains, legumes, sugar, and dairy) = 20 burpees”.

I am going to use this Paleo Punishment technique for all of my cheats. Today I have accumulated 2 cheats which equals 40 burpees. I am not exactly sure how to do a burpee just yet but I plan to watch Danielles Youtube Link to Burpees:

Right, so now I’m off to do my 40 burpees… Thanks Danielle!

Until tomorrow,



2 thoughts on “DAY 87 – How to Cheat on the Paleo Diet

  1. Hi Sia! Good on ya for doing the full 90 days! I always love the way I feel/look after a 30 day stint or longer so I can see why you’re sticking it out. I’ve been acquainted with so many delicious paleo meals I’m hard pressed to find a GOOD reason not to follow this lifestyle.

    Just a note on the punishment. The key is that we do the burpees at the END of the challenge, so not as you cheat. Makes it that much harder (but easier to turn down those cheats). 🙂

    Good luck!

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