DAY 86: Sugar Withdrawals on Paleo

To be honest, I felt really tired and low on energy today… My head was pounding with a crazy headache and I was craving chocolate all day. I couldn’t keep me eyes off the marshmallows which sit directly in front of me when I’m working on the coffee machine. It was very difficult to resist the temptationContinue reading “DAY 86: Sugar Withdrawals on Paleo”

DAY 87 – How to Cheat on the Paleo Diet

My Confession It’s my 4th day on the 90 Day Paleo Challenge and to be honest I am surprised that I lasted this long before cheating. This blog is about accountability and I did promise to be completely honest with my readers about my commitment to the challenge, so here is my confession: Today I ate chocolateContinue reading “DAY 87 – How to Cheat on the Paleo Diet”

DAY 87 – Paleo Inspiration

What to Cook? Well, I’ve done the shopping and my fridge is fully packed with fresh meats, fruits and vegetables. So now its time to start cooking some fantastic Paleo food! The problem is… I have no idea what to cook? I pulled these ingredients out and put them on the bench. It included lean minced beef, carrots, onions,Continue reading “DAY 87 – Paleo Inspiration”