How Much Should You Pay For A Babycino?

$2.50 For A BabyCino? That’s An Outrage! For years and years I have been giving away babycinos for free. But today I was charged $2.50 for one. OMG I feel outraged. Needless to say, I will not be going back to that cafe to get my morning coffee. However, it got me thinking… how much shouldContinue reading “How Much Should You Pay For A Babycino?”

Hospital Packing List: What To Pack For The Birth Of Your Baby

One of my girlfriends is about to have a baby. She was packing her hospital bag and I told her that I have a packing list that I can share. Many of the girls in my mothers group loved this list so I thought I’d share it here on the blog too. You can download the packingContinue reading “Hospital Packing List: What To Pack For The Birth Of Your Baby”

Thermomix Baby Rice Cereal Recipe

Before I share my favourite Thermomix baby rice cereal recipes, let me start off by saying this: **I am not a health expert… this is just my opinion. Ask your own health professional to get advice that is right for you and your baby.** Will You Feed Your Baby Farex Rice Cereal?  My mum boughtContinue reading “Thermomix Baby Rice Cereal Recipe”