Day 81: Blog Catch Up + Blog Accountablity = Paleo Challenge Success!

Daily blogging is a great in theory but realistically it is very difficult to do.

The #1 rule in the 90 Day Paleo Challenge is to blog about each day.

The purpose of this rule is to keep me accountable and to track my progress through the challenge. Through blogging accountability I believe that I will keep my commitment to the diet and obtain Paleo Challenge Success:

Blog Catch Up + Blog Accountablility = Paleo Challenge Success!

To my wonderful subscribers – here is a warning about the next few posts… you will be receiving individual updates from the last 6 days. But don’t worry, they will be just as entertaining as the previous posts!

The next few blog posts will include topics about:

  • Sugar Withdrawals and honey – Is honey Paleo?
  • Inspiration from Jamie Oliver and the Ministry of Food (I got to meet Jamie woohoo)
  • Planning Paleo Free Days into the week
  • Weekly weigh in and success stats
  • Buying Meat – How do I choose?
  • Cooking with Chili – Inspiration from Jamie Oliver

Whilst I can’t promise to write again tomorrow… I will promise to write about tomorrow!

Until then,



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