DAY 86: Sugar Withdrawals on Paleo

To be honest, I felt really tired and low on energy today…

My head was pounding with a crazy headache and I was craving chocolate all day. I couldn’t keep me eyes off the marshmallows which sit directly in front of me when I’m working on the coffee machine. It was very difficult to resist the temptation of all the sweet things around me (but I did!)

I self diagnosed my symptoms as “sugar withdrawals“.

According to the Sugar Addiction Specialist my self diagnoses was right. Samantha Taylor has a list of Sugar Withdrawal Symptoms on her blog. While I was reading through Samantha’s blog I noticed a quiz about sugar addiction. Since I was on the self diagnosing pathway I thought I should complete the quiz to decide whether or not I am a sugar addict. Unfortunately the result were bluntly true. I am a sugar addict!

So how do I incorporate my sugar addiction into my 90 Day Paleo Challenge?

If you ask any Paleo/Health expert, they would probably say cut the sugar completely – especially refined sugars. But I am a sugar addict remember? I can’t cut sugar completely… well at least not yet.

All of this new information got me thinking:

  • I am having sugar withdraws
  • I am a sugar addict
  • I don’t want to give up sugar (just yet)
  • I want to stay committed to the 90 Day Paleo Challenge
  • How do I get rid of my headaches?
  • Is there something else I can eat?
  • What about honey?

A new list of Paleo research questions have now become a priority:

  • What about honey?
  • Is honey Paleo?
  • Perhaps honey can solve my current Sugar Withdrawal/Sugar Addiction problems? 

Before doing my research about Paleo & Honey – I went a little crazy with honey on my food for the day. I added honey to almost everything.

I added warmed manuka honey to my bowl of banana’s for breakfast in the morning!


And, I added honey to my pan fried vegetable for dinner

This was all before I did my research into Paleo!


 Honey (in my opinion) is arguably Paleo. Some say it is and others say it’s not.

Mark’s Daily Apple answers some of my questions about honey in the article “Is Honey is a Safe(r) Sweetener”. Mark concludes by saying:

“Can you eat it? Sure; you can do just about anything you want. Should you eat it? That depends. Are you active and in need of liver glycogen repletion like the guy who climbed the Congolese tree? Then raw honey might be a nice choice for a treat. It’s clearly superior to refined sugar, and the extent of the damage we normally see from sugar intake doesn’t seem to occur with honey.”

What do I think about Honey?

Well I personally don’t know enough information about the Paleo diet (yet) to conclude weather or not honey is ok. However, I definitely think that honey is a better choice than marshmallows. So I feel guilt free for choosing honey over marshmallows to get my daily sugar fix.

What do you think? Is honey Paleo? Should it be? I would love to hear your comments! Please share you links to honey/sugar withdrawal info here.


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