An Interview With Thermomix Blogger Tenina Holder

Interview With Tenina

I am sooooo happy that I got to meet the lovely Tenina at this year’s Problogger Event. Here is a youtube video and a quick interview with the famous Thermomix blogger Tenina:

To be honest, I didn’t know who Tenina was before the PB Event. Her blog: Cooking With Tenina was new to me and I hadn’t joined her Facebook group yet.

I must have been living under a rock.

Tenina is a very well known Thermomix blogger but she is also a very experienced recipe developer. Before building her own empire, Tenina used to develop recipes for Thermomix in Australia. She is the creative inspiration behind many official Thermomix recipes and she has also published has a ton of her own cook books.

The very first recipe I tried from Tenina’s blog was the Choc Chip Lactation Cookies. OMG there were amazing. All of the girls in my mother’s group loved them too. I batch cooked these cookies and roll them in to foil, as Tenina suggests in her recipe. They sit in my freezer and I bake a batch whenever I feel the need to.

Ok, enough about me and my boobie cookies… let’s get back to Tenina.

Tenina Thermomix

I asked Tenina a few more questions and here is what she said…

Q1. When did you first get your Thermomix?

I first got my 31 back in 2008. Thermomix in Australia had found my blog and asked me to come and do some recipe development. I cannot lie, I had been checking them out for some time, but had been resistant on the price. Then I broke 2 food processors in as many weeks and though, OK, time to bite the bullet. The rest as they say is history!

Q2. How often do you use your Thermomix?

I use my thermomix every day, if not several times at least once! I have two, (actually 3 but one I keep packed up for classes) and they are in heavy duty rotation on most days.

Q3. What is your favourite recipe?

That is a killer question for me…usually, whatever I am working on at the time, but I do love the Spicy Pork Belly from the Merry Christmix original book. Coming out soon in a new print version!!

Merry Christmix Thermomix By Tenina Holder

Q4. Tenina, you are very well known for your desserts. Which one do you think I should try first?

Maybe the chocolate silk tart which is pretty decadent. But I have a lot of recipes on my blog so just whip up the one you like the sound of!

Chocolate-Silk-Pie Tenina
Chocolate Silk Tart

Q5. What question do you get asked the most on your blog?

Hahaha, that is funny. Not so much on the blog, but when I post a pic of anything yummalicious, most comments relate to when they can have the recipe, which is actually hilarious, as I have usually literally just created it and then taken a pic, so no recipe has even been written up yet!

Q6. What is your best advice for someone who just purchased a new Thermomix?

Use it every day until you are totally confident with it. Dont be afraid…go for it.

Here are a few snaps that Tenina & I took at the 2015 Problogger event. We got to hang out with a bunch of amazing Thermomix bloggers such as Leonie from ThermoFun, Belinda from The Root Cause, Bec from The 4 Blades, Peta from The Road to Loving My Thermomixer, Nikalene from Skinnymixers and Jo & Tracey from Sister Mixin.

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