Thermomix Baby Rice Cereal Recipe

Thermomix Baby Rice Cereal |

Before I share my favourite Thermomix baby rice cereal recipes, let me start off by saying this:

**I am not a health expert… this is just my opinion. Ask your own health professional to get advice that is right for you and your baby.**

Will You Feed Your Baby Farex Rice Cereal? 

My mum bought a packet of farex back when I was pregnant. She was very excited about becoming a grandmother and she wanted to be prepared for when the baby starts to eat solids.

Everyone just assumes that the first thing you should feed your baby is farex. However there is now a bit of debate about weather or not farex is the best “first food” for your baby. I don’t want to jump in to that debate here but you can google it and find lots of interesting information.

Fares Baby Rice CerealI told my mum that I would prefer not to feed my baby farex. I want to make my own rice cereal instead. After all… I have a Thermomix!

Making rice cereal in the thermomix is soooo easy to do. There is no reason to buy a packet mix from the shops.

Benefits Of Making Your Own Rice Cereal

There are many benefits to making your own rice cereal:

  • rice is a good iron source for your baby
  • you can control what ingredients go in to the recipe
  • you can avoid all the additives that might be added to packet mixtures
  • you can make enough rice mixture to last you a few weeks at a time
  • you can avoid adding sugar
  • you can avoid adding wheat
  • you can avoid adding dairy
  • you can avoid adding soy
  • you can use boiled water or breast milk or your baby’s milk alternative to mix with the rice cereal
  • you can add in fresh fruit or puree fruit to enhance the flavours
  • you can use any type of rice variety that you prefer: brown rice, basmati rice, black rice etc.
  • you can make cereal from other types of grains such as oats, quinoa, buckwheat etc.

How To Make Rice Cereal In Your Thermomix

To Eat Now:

  • Follow the Rice Puree instructions on the BCB Chip.
  • This will take you about 10 minutes total time to prep and cook.
  • Easy, Done.

However, sometimes milling rice can be noisy. The baby or the rest of the family might still be sleeping and you don’t want to wake them up with your Thermomix. For this reason I like to prep ahead a little bit.

To Prep Ahead:

  • Weigh out 150g of rice in the Thermomix steaming basket.
  • (Optional) Wash rice and let it dry again. The rice needs to be dry before milling. However I like to wash the rice first to clean off anything that may be on it. Skip this step if this is not important to you or if you are in a rush.
  • Mill the rice on speed 9 until you reach the consistency you want (about 1 minute).
  • Store rice in an air tight container.
  • Make fruit purees and freeze.

When You Are Ready to Cook:

  • Add 30g of milled rice to the mixing bowl and 250g of liquid (filtered water, boiled water from the kettle that has been cooled, breastmilk or any other milk that you normally give your baby).
  • Cook for 8 mins/90 degrees/speed 4. Add in some fresh fruit or fruit purée for flavour.

You can also do this with brown rice, oats, quinoa or any other grain of choice!!

More Thermomix Baby Rice Cereal Recipes:

Do you know of any other Thermomix Rice Cereal recipes?

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