Vasilopita Thermomix Recipe

Vasilopita Vasilopita is a traditional cake or bread that we make on New Years Day every year. This year I made Vasilopita in my Thermomix. The coin was found in between my piece of cake and my husband’s piece of cake but he claimed it and said he was the winner. I hope that itContinue reading “Vasilopita Thermomix Recipe”

Thermomix Recipe Abbreviations

When you are new to the Thermomix world, everything can be a little overwhelming. Even for me, as a Thermomix Consultant! I often use google to search for the meaning of recipe abbreviations. It can be confusing. For the record… I apologise for swearing in this blog title. WTF stands for “What The F##k.” LOL! That oneContinue reading “Thermomix Recipe Abbreviations”

How To Get A Thermomix For Christmas

A big thank you to my client Janice for these amazing tips! They worked for her… hopefully they work for you too 😉 Here are a few ideas to help you get a Thermomix for Christmas: 1. Dear Present Giver Letter Print out this letter and leave it out on the kitchen table or someContinue reading “How To Get A Thermomix For Christmas”