The Burrow West End – Pizza & Beers in Brisbane

Saturday night is date night, so N & I went out for pizza and beer.

Technically we are supposed to be on a diet – he is training for a body building competition and I am trying to have a baby. Since it’s the weekend we decided to just go with it, have a bit of fun and break the rules.

The pizza at The Burrow was really tasty. I ordered the Grace Greenfields Pizza which was full of fresh vegetables like rocket, sweet potato and beetroot. N ordered the Barbarossa Pizza with extra lamb. It was topped with quinoa and tabbouleh. The pizza bases were house made, light and crispy.

We didn’t order any beer. Neither of us are drinking alcohol at the moment, but I just had to mention it in this post because their beer list was 4 pages long! They have a really good selection of beers, ales and ciders. Most of which i have never heard of before and some that are served in a very quirky and creative way.

The restaurant is a little old house in West End that has been gutted out and decorated with random light fittings, picture frames, tables and chairs plus lots of other weird stuff. It looks like someone shopped around a junk stores and put it all together.

Here’s the score card:

Food: 4/5

They lost a mark because we wanted to order menu options that were no longer available.

Coffee: 5/5

Top score because the coffee was much better than what we expected it to be. With a love heart on top!

Service: 4/5

Loved the quirkiness of each team member. They dressed to their own individuality and style. I get that this is a part of the store culture, however i’m pretty strict when it comes to hospitality uniforms and a dress code.

Overall Experience: 5/5

We loved it and would defiantly go back again.

Total Score: 18/20

Restaurant Details:

The Burrow Eats & Drinks

37 Mollison St

West End

Queensland, Australia



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