I’m a Student Teacher (and I’m about to start prac)

Tomorrow will mark the first day of my final prac. I will be teaching in a high school for the next 2 months and hopefully at the end I will have all the paperwork to prove that I am a qualified teacher.

If you are confused (like most of my family and friends are)… then give me a few seconds to explain!

People often get confused when they ask me what I do. I can never really give a straight answer. My life is full of so many things and I dont just do one single job. I own my own restaurant, I sell beautiful wedding products at the Greek Wedding Shop, I blog about Greek Weddings and Traditions, I am a coffee trainer and I teach.

I started my teaching degree back in 2005. Then I opened my restaurant in 2007. At that point in my life, things were so crazy busy that I decided to put my studies on hold for a while and focus more on my business. I also used my free time to do a bit of overseas travel, get married and start a family. Now it is 2014 and I am at the cut off point of my university timeline. Apparently you only have 10 years to complete a degree and this will be year number 10 for me.

That means that I must finish my final prac this year, and if I don’t, then all my years of study will be wasted.

I will be stepping away from the coffee machine and in to the classroom.

I’m a little nervous.

I have no reason to be nervous about high school students. I can handle the teaching side of things. Standing up in front of a room of people to teach or train is something that I do all the time. I have confidence in my ability to plan and to teach.

I feel nervous because, firstly I have nothing to wear! And secondly, I can’t remember all the content that I am supposed to teach. Before I stand up in front of the class room to teach accounting and legal studies, I will first need to put my head in to the books and study it myself.

My new routine will start tomorrow. It might take a bit of getting used to:

  • I start at 8am – different to my normal 6am
  • I finish at 4pm – different to my normal 7pm
  • I will take my packed lunch – different to never having time to eat lunch at all
  • I will be able to sit down for a break – different to being on my feet all day long
  • I will wear something new each day – different to wearing the exact same uniform every day
  • The students will call me… Mrs A. because i think that my full name is way to hard to say.

Wish me luck!


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