Skinny Bitch (Get The) Bun in the Oven…

Pinterest Pic: Please visit the original source:
This is a Pinterest pic: Please visit the original source:

We had a QFG visit with the fertility nurse the other day and she told me that I should start eating like a pregnant woman.

At first, I thought that I could now indulge in guilt free chocolate cake, pile up my portion sizes and pretend like I’m ‘eating for two’. However the advice was more specific to the do’s and don’ts of foods to eat while on a fertility diet.

The fertility diet sounds a lot like all the other diets I’ve tried before. Eat more healthily, cut out the bad food bla bla bla. My husband (the Body Builder) is a broken record when it comes to this stuff. He always tells me about foods I should and shouldn’t be eating.

But now that we are talking baby talk, I have motivation to commit to a new diet.

There is a lot of No’s on the Fertility Food List.

  • No smoking (easy)
  • No alcohol (fine)
  • No drugs (of course…)
  • No cheese (I think)
  • No bread (or maybe that’s the paleo diet?)
  • and No coffee (what? How will I survive that one?)

I have to do some more research about what is actually on the NO list – but this info graphic is a good place to start brainstorming:

Fertility Diet Do's & Dont's
This is a Pinterest Pic – Please visit the original source:

I also have a book about it!

The book is called: Skinny Bitch Bun in the Oven by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin.

Skinny Bitch Bun In The Oven

I haven’t read the book yet, but it’s been sitting in our bookshelf for the last two and a half years. Back on our honeymoon, one of my girlfriends surprised us with a few gifts: one that is a little too naughty to share here on the blog and the other a book about guide-book to becoming a hot and healthy mother. Everyone knew that we really wanted honeymoon babies and so my besti thought she’d help us to prepare right from the get go.

I’m looking forward to learning more about the fertility diet. If you have any tips for me please share a comment.

I’d love to hear from you!!


2 thoughts on “Skinny Bitch (Get The) Bun in the Oven…

  1. I’m away to start my second ivf cycle this week and am more or less following a diet like this one. I’ve only drank either water or hot chocolate (milk for protein) for the past 3 months. I also take 3 500mg Royal Jelly a day for egg quality. Wishing you lots of good luck xx

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