Shopping At The Rock A Buy Baby Markets – Brisbane

Pregnant Mumma

The Baby Shopping List

The list of things to buy for baby is getting longer and longer by the minute. I keep on adding “important” things to the list and then I cross them out again after I think about how much money we still need to save before baby arrives. Shopping around is extremely important. I want to do my research first, and find the best (and the cheapest) products on the markets, before I buy anything.

We started at all of the usual big brand retail stores to begin our research and now I am checking out the local baby markets. I did a quick google search online and found 6 awesome Baby markets around Brisbane. I’m planning to go along to all of the markets to see what they have available.Rock A Buy Baby Markets Brisbane

Rock-A-Buy Markets

Our first market visit was to the Rock-A-Buy Markets in Strathpine. I must admit I was really surprised by the quality of the markets.

I expected to find heaps of old, second-hand stuff that no-body wanted. Instead, I was lucky to meet lots of mums who were offering some amazing advice about which brands to buy and how to save money. The pre-loved goods were fairly good quality and with a bit of a clean up they would look like new. I particularly liked the bassinets that were on display but they also had prams, clothes and toys for sale too.

Creative Retailers

I collected a few business cards from creative retailers that sell awesome products that I have never heard of or seen before.

Here are a few of my Favourite Retailers:



Modern Cloth Nappies

Spots n Bots was one of the first tables we stopped at. The owner Sarah spent a lot of time with us to explain the difference between old style cloth nappies and these modern cloth nappies. I loved the designs as well as the fact that the nappies could be sized a few different ways. The attachment part is velcro and the lining is made with bamboo. She even had some waterproof nappies for the beach and the pool. Seeing this beautiful modern cloth nappy designs has encouraged me to go cloth rather than disposable. I can’t wait to buy some 🙂

Promo Offer: Receive a 10% discount on any Spots n Bots Modern Cloth Nappies. Use the promo code: SIASPLACE




Handmade Bibs and Pumpkin Heads

Amanda from Pumpkin Head Handmade creates all of these cute designs herself. She sells PumpkinHead Dolls, Pocket PumpkinHeads, Hammer Rattles, Rattle Rings, Burp Cloths and Bibs. I’m not sure if we are having a boy or a girl yet so I’m going to hold off on buying toys until the baby is born. In the meantime, I will be buying a few of these gifts as baby shower presents for my girlfriends!

Promo Offer: Buy a Pumpkin Head Set (including a bib, burp cloth, teether ring and pocket pumpkin) and receive a 20% discount. Use the promo code: SIASPLACE



Unique Bib Designs

These bibs grabbed my attention as I was walking past the Anna Banana store. The fabric design is so different and very unique to anything I have ever seen before. My sister-in-law loves Mexican skull art so I plan to buy the top design for her.

Promo Offer: Receive 10% discount off any full priced item and an extra 5% off any sale item. Use the promo code: SIASPLACE



I fell in love with these little grey boots! If I have a girl, I want these boots! The crochet thongs are also really cute. Smoothie has a great selection of baby shoes and accessories.


Do you like any of these handmade designs? Please leave a comment below and tell me which is your favourite! 


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