Some random pics…

We haven’t taken many exciting pics since Paris, so i don’t have any new photo alubms to upload however i do have some random pics that we have taken here there and everywhere…
We went out for dinner with a group of friends a couple of weeks ago. There was a fantastic cocktail list and i simply ordered my favourite drink – Chambord and Lemonade. The bar man turned my basic drink into this incredible cocktail in a tall glass filled with berries. Wow, i was impressed. Nektarios had the yellow and green drink that is in the other pic – i can’t remember what it was called but ill get back to this and update it when i find out.
There are heaps of Aussie pubs in London and we have been to a few of them. Apparently the classic ‘Aussie’ beer is Fosters and you see it absolutley everywhere. Fosters is sold at every pub and in every supermarket, liquor store and off licence. It is supprisingly so popular and one of the cheapest beers. Having said that, neither Nektarios or I will drink it, YUK!
This was our dinner at GBK last wek. GBK is a Gourmet Burget Kitchen chain that is on most high strets. You can get a decent size burger that looks and tastes much better than Mc Donalds or Burger King (sorry i mean Hugry Jacks).
I just had to take a pic of this. If you have been reading the blog, you probably already know about how disgusted i am at the dirty streets in London. People, and businesess just chuck their garbage out on the street. This is a pic of Starbucks after a busy night in Convent Garden… omigosh i could never imagine doing that at Coffee Club.
And finally, this is a recent pic of us… taken last night at the bus stop. You can probably see that i have had my hair cut. Thanks, i know it looks great 😉
That’s about it for today…

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