Shopping at Tesco

Yes I know this is going to sound sad, but one of the most exciting days in my week is the day we go grocery shopping. We have this huge Tesco five minutes away from our flat which is open 24 hours a day. It is so convenient and we can easily walk to and from the shops – well we can now that I have Woollies green bags. Thanks Mum.


Tesco is a popular UK grocery chain that you can find on every corner of every street. We are just lucky enough to have the ‘big’ one in our street.


Not only is everything ‘buy one get one free’ we are now proud owners of the Tesco club card and we are notified whenever there is a discount on a particular item that we usually purchase. It is all very high tech. In fact, they even have self service check outs.


It took us a few months to actually be brave enough to try it but we know how to use it now, well sort of.


Check out this clip of Nektarios trying to buy some milk on a self service check out at Tesco:


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