A Quick Update

Hi everyone, hope you are all well!!
Nektarios and i have been super busy. We work most days and don’t get time to come down to the internet cafe anymore. That is why i don’t get to update the blog as often as i would like to. The good news is that we are finally getting a BT line. That means that we will have internet access at home. I am sooo excited! We will also have a land line so that you can call us and…wait for it… a TV! YEP that’s right, we are finally going to have a TV in our flat.
So what else has been happening?
Well not much. Just work and stuff. We are trying to save our money so that we can start travelling more. We can’t wait to go to Greece and Cyprus and all the other beautiful European countries that are so close to us.
My friend Freda is coming to stay with us next week. So that should be nice.
That’s about it.
Send us emails, tell us what your up to. We would love to hear stories from back home.
Miss you all,

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