Week 1: The Teacher Outfit Challenge

Teacher Outfit

The first week of prac was only 3 days long. On Monday, it was the Australia Day Public Holiday and then Tuesday was a pupil free day. I started prac on Wednesday and by Friday I was completely exhausted. With only three days at school, it meant that I only got to play with 3 new outfits for the Teacher Outfit Challenge.

I was a bit conservative with each of my outfit choices. I wore black pants and black flats every day. I’m not used to wearing anything other than a boring uniform to work, so this new concept is very challenging for me. I am teaching for the next 8 weeks at school and I want to use this opportunity to experiment with my wardrobe.

The rules to the Teacher Outfit Challenge is listed in this blog post here…

The day before I started prac, I was really nervous. I wrote about how I was feeling in a blog post titled: I’m a Student Teacher (and I’m about to start prac). In preparation for prac, I felt really confidant in my ability to stand up in front of the classroom and teach but I was worried about the content that I needed to teach about.

It seems that I had it all backwards. The lessons that I have been allocated are perfect!! The subjects are right up my ally and I couldn’t be happier 🙂 I get to teach Year 11 Hospitality, Year 11 Accounting, Year 11 Legal Studies, Yr 12 BCT and Yr 12 Workplace Practices. In the very first week I got to teach students about event management and about using social media; I get to plan a breakfast catering function and prepare students for job interviews. For anyone who knows me personally, you will understand how excited I am about the opportunity to teach these wonderful topics!

However it is my ability to enforce behaviour management strategies that will be highly challenged at this particular school. Most of the students are great. But let me have a quick rant and just say that some of them are extremely disrespectful. I have taught in 3 other schools prior to this school and I have never been challenged the way I was this week.

It was the first week back to school for the year and already there has been 12 students suspended. Not a great start. I battled my first lesson by arguing the school rules with a student who refused to take his ear phones out. And I was completely shocked when another student very rudely talked back to me when I was asking a simple, friendly question.

I have lots of fun and exciting ideas to teach my students. I believe that I can make it relevant and useful for them. I’m just worried that I will spend the entire time working on behaviour management rather than doing anything worth while.

Week 2 begins tomorrow.

Let’s hope I can put my foot down and get the students more engaged.


2 thoughts on “Week 1: The Teacher Outfit Challenge

    1. Thanks Ioanna. Perhaps I need a police officers uniform? That might work. Or at this school… maybe not ??

      Hopefully tomorrow is a little bit better.

      I could so teach them some fun stuff about social media!! If I can only engage them…

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