Living in London

 Right. So we are living in London “yeah”. I have to sit back and laugh at myself sometime because i catch myself acting like a Londoner. I laugh at Nektarios too. He is worse than me. We have really strong Aussie accents but we have picked up the lingo without even realising it. Here’s a crashContinue reading “Living in London”

No time left for the gym :-(

With all the excitment and planning for Brisbane Square i have just been so busy lately. Whilst i expected this to happen i don’t want to give up the gym for it. Early mornings and late nights leaves no time for the gym. Why do they have to close so bloody early? Here’s a business idea…Continue reading “No time left for the gym :-(“

Townsville for a Store Opening

Well I’m in Townsville at the moment for work and i’m living in this crappy little shack that doesn’t even have a phone line so I can’t even dial up to the internet. So I have been offline for an entire week which completely sucks and right now I am sitting at Macca’s because itContinue reading “Townsville for a Store Opening”