Mauy Thai Boxing – Samui

We drove past the Mauy Thai Boxing Stadium on Saturday night and heard the loud repetitive speaker advertisement for the match. “Mauy Thai Boxing, buy your tickets early, the best sport in the world” It was about to start so we thought it was perfect timing to go see it! (despite being so tired fromContinue reading “Mauy Thai Boxing – Samui”


The Berlin Heavy Metal Weekend

So it all started with my mate from school Daniel sending me a text which read "If I can get tickets to a members only Metallica concert in Berlin, do you want to go?" I didn’t even finish reading the message before I replied. All went well and we got tickets, flights and accommodation. Before weContinue reading “The Berlin Heavy Metal Weekend”

Travelling to/from Heathrow Airport?

Information from Transport For London Travelling to/from Heathrow Airport? TubeThe Piccadilly line connects Heathrow Airport to central London and the rest of the Tube system. It is the cheapest way to central London. There are trains every few minutes from approximately 05:03 (05:47 Sundays) to 23:57 (23:30 Sundays). A single ticket into central London (ZoneContinue reading “Travelling to/from Heathrow Airport?”