How to Accept Constructive Feedback When You Are A Student Teacher

I am blessed to have some amazing teachers while on my final prac. Each of my teachers (I have 4) are experts in their teaching areas. They are kind, they are good with their students, they offer me the guidance and direction to prepare my own lessons and they give me good feedback. However, it hasn’tContinue reading “How to Accept Constructive Feedback When You Are A Student Teacher”

Using Social Media in the Classroom

Griffith University for Business Teachers While on prac, I was invited to attend a professional development lecture hosted by Griffith University specifically for high school business teachers. The lecture topic was about social media with a focus on how businesses use social media and how business teachers could teach about social media in the classroom.Continue reading “Using Social Media in the Classroom”

I’m a Student Teacher (and I’m about to start prac)

Tomorrow will mark the first day of my final prac. I will be teaching in a high school for the next 2 months and hopefully at the end I will have all the paperwork to prove that I am a qualified teacher. If you are confused (like most of my family and friends are)… thenContinue reading “I’m a Student Teacher (and I’m about to start prac)”