2014 – Looking Back and Reflecting on a Massive Year

Happy New Year It is amazing how time passes us by so quickly. In a blink of an eye the New Year is here and the old year fades away in to our memories. Reflect on 2014 Before we Kickstart 2015 Before we kick-start 2015, I think that it is really important to look backContinue reading “2014 – Looking Back and Reflecting on a Massive Year”

Using Social Media in the Classroom

Griffith University for Business Teachers While on prac, I was invited to attend a professional development lecture hosted by Griffith University specifically for high school business teachers. The lecture topic was about social media with a focus on how businesses use social media and how business teachers could teach about social media in the classroom.Continue reading “Using Social Media in the Classroom”

Facebook Marketing Success with Amy Porterfield – Day 1 @ PBEVENT

WOW! I learnt so much from Amy Porterfield at the ProBlogger Event and I must say that everyone was talking about her the entire weekend. I immediate signed up to Amy’s facebook feed and plan to do a few of her webinars and training sessions. Amy was a fantastic speaker and she shared tips thatContinue reading “Facebook Marketing Success with Amy Porterfield – Day 1 @ PBEVENT”