Preparing for Prac – A Student Teacher’s Wardrobe

I’m about to begin my teaching internship and I plan to be on prac for the next 2 months. Im super excited that I finally have the chance to complete my university degree… but I have no idea what Im going to wear! For the last 16 years, I have worked the same job andContinue reading “Preparing for Prac – A Student Teacher’s Wardrobe”

Gold Coast Foodies – 5 New Restaurants To Visit

Last week, my husband and I took a short break and headed down to the Gold Coast to relax and unwind. We skipped the beaches and the pools (because a broken foot and can’t be anywhere near water) and instead, we decided to spend most of our time eating food and drinking coffee. We setContinue reading “Gold Coast Foodies – 5 New Restaurants To Visit”

My Solution to: Acrylic vs. Shellac vs. OPI Nail Polish

For years and years I have been getting acrylic nails put on and drilled off.  I like my nails to look painted, shaped and square. The problem is that I can’t wear fake nails or coloured nails to work so it seems like I am forever putting them on and taking them off again. AfterContinue reading “My Solution to: Acrylic vs. Shellac vs. OPI Nail Polish”