I’m a Student Teacher (and I’m about to start prac)

Tomorrow will mark the first day of my final prac. I will be teaching in a high school for the next 2 months and hopefully at the end I will have all the paperwork to prove that I am a qualified teacher. If you are confused (like most of my family and friends are)… thenContinue reading “I’m a Student Teacher (and I’m about to start prac)”

The Burrow West End – Pizza & Beers in Brisbane

Saturday night is date night, so N & I went out for pizza and beer. Technically we are supposed to be on a diet – he is training for a body building competition and I am trying to have a baby. Since it’s the weekend we decided to just go with it, have a bit ofContinue reading “The Burrow West End – Pizza & Beers in Brisbane”

Skinny Bitch (Get The) Bun in the Oven…

We had a QFG visit with the fertility nurse the other day and she told me that I should start eating like a pregnant woman. At first, I thought that I could now indulge in guilt free chocolate cake, pile up my portion sizes and pretend like I’m ‘eating for two’. However the advice wasContinue reading “Skinny Bitch (Get The) Bun in the Oven…”