Alfred and Constance – Hidden in the Back Streets of Fortitude Valley Brisbane

I heard good things about Alfred and Constance. My hairdresser was the first to tell me to go there. At first, I didn’t take much notice of her recommendation. Don’t get me wrong, I completely trust my hairdresser and I value her opinion about all things new and trendy. I think that I ignored her because I haveContinue reading “Alfred and Constance – Hidden in the Back Streets of Fortitude Valley Brisbane”

Week 1: The Teacher Outfit Challenge

The first week of prac was only 3 days long. On Monday, it was the Australia Day Public Holiday and then Tuesday was a pupil free day. I started prac on Wednesday and by Friday I was completely exhausted. With only three days at school, it meant that I only got to play with 3Continue reading “Week 1: The Teacher Outfit Challenge”

Shooting: Our New Hobby

Each year I like to learn something new. Last year it was golf, but we only played one game before we packed up the clubs and gave up. After that we turned our attention to squash. A squash racket is much cheaper to buy than a set of golf clubs. This year, we have decidedContinue reading “Shooting: Our New Hobby”