12 Thermomix Bloggers I Would Love To Meet

I will be attending my 4th ProBlogger networking event this weekend and I’m looking forward to meeting up with my online blogging friends. I am especially excited to meet the fabulous writers behind the Thermomix blogs that I follow. Here are 12 Thermomix bloggers that I would love to meet:

Lessons I Learnt at the PBEVENT 2013 + Action Points

Here is a list of the lessons I learnt at the Problogger Event 2013 and the Action Points I plan to take over the next 6 months. I am sharing my notes here on Sia’s Place because I want to keep myself accountable (the same way I encourage Mrs Blended to be accountable to herContinue reading “Lessons I Learnt at the PBEVENT 2013 + Action Points”

Facebook Marketing Success with Amy Porterfield – Day 1 @ PBEVENT

WOW! I learnt so much from Amy Porterfield at the ProBlogger Event and I must say that everyone was talking about her the entire weekend. I immediate signed up to Amy’s facebook feed and plan to do a few of her webinars and training sessions. Amy was a fantastic speaker and she shared tips thatContinue reading “Facebook Marketing Success with Amy Porterfield – Day 1 @ PBEVENT”