Backpacks VS Suitcases

Backpacks– better for your back then carting heaps of bags– option to carry with shoulder strap– lots of cool features inside– good quality– more durable– backpackers = backpacks– price? Suitcases– wheels (so i don’t have to carry it)– can fit one suitcase inside another suitcase– wheels might damage in Europe because of the pebbles– harderContinue reading “Backpacks VS Suitcases”

Our Trip

Today Nektarios & I bought our tickets! Woohoo! So it is actually official, we are going overseas, together. First is London and the cities and sites of Europe, then we are off to Greece & Cyprus followed by a white Xmas in Austria, and then… well then we’ll see… it’s either home or somewhere else.Continue reading “Our Trip”