Renovating A HOUSE into OUR HOME

Last week we renovated our townhouse – in 7 days! We have been living in our townhouse for about 3 years now. People don’t come over (because we don’t invite them over) and if they did, well they wouldn’t have anywhere to sit. Our guests would be drinking tea from mismatching, cracked coffee cups andContinue reading “Renovating A HOUSE into OUR HOME”


One Bag Traveller

I just found a great web page – Doug talks about 3 main things a one-bag traveller needs to know (in order of importance): 1. What to pack, avoiding the temptation of lugging around too much stuff, plus how (and why) to use a packing list 2. What to pack it in, understanding whatContinue reading “One Bag Traveller”

So i’ve started packing…

So I’ve started packing… Yes…yes… I know. Everyone has already told me that ‘I’m crazy’ but I’m not crazy I am just really determined to do this backpacking thing. I am going to pack a whole year’s worth of my stuff into one backpack. For me this will be really tough but I think IContinue reading “So i’ve started packing…”