Lunch With George Calombaris

George Calombaris has just released his new cook book, Greek and I went along to the book launch at Ecco Bistro to help celebrate. I’ve been a fan of George for a few years now, so I was super excited when he agreed to have an interview with me. Here is a youtube video of our conversation:

7 Foods That Can Heal Your Body – Thermomix Cooking Inspiration

This month, my Thermomix Team and I are focusing on “health benefits of food“. Specifically foods which have healing remedies. We are learning about Ayurvedic Medicine and how food can directly influence the way that we feel.

39 Reasons Why You Should Be A Thermomix Consultant

At a recent Thermomix Branch Training Session we focused on the topic of recruitment. Recruiting new consultants to our team is really important because there are over 70 places still to fill in our area. We sat down as a group to brainstorm why anyone might like to be a consultant. We all love ourContinue reading “39 Reasons Why You Should Be A Thermomix Consultant”