Learning the hard way…

Living on our own has certainly been a huge learning experience. We have really challenged ourselves by just doing ‘the simple things’. We have both had it really easy living at home. Now we have to do it all by ourselves… Lesson 1: Keep keys on you at all times It is really cold inContinue reading “Learning the hard way…”

My Space

I have been so obsessed with myspace these days that I have forgotten all about msn. I do have to say that msn spaces is so much easier to use. I have spent so much time on myspace trying to figure things out and it is really frustrating. Yet the addiction is still there. A wordContinue reading “My Space”

Positive Self Talk

 Well I never thought that I could juggle three balls, break wood with my bare hands or stick a straw through a potato…but I did! I accomplished all three of these crazy ideas yesterday and I learnt a lot about how much my personal beliefs and pre judgments can influence my actions in any given situation.  IContinue reading “Positive Self Talk”