Mauy Thai Boxing – Samui

We drove past the Mauy Thai Boxing Stadium on Saturday night and heard the loud repetitive speaker advertisement for the match. “Mauy Thai Boxing, buy your tickets early, the best sport in the world” It was about to start so we thought it was perfect timing to go see it! (despite being so tired fromContinue reading “Mauy Thai Boxing – Samui”

Jeeping Around Samui – Part 1

We hired a Jeep so that we could drive around Samui and discover the Island. Nektarios felt confident enough to drive on the “crazy” Thailand roads and it is heaps cheaper than getting taxis everywhere. We didn’t really have a plan on where to drive to… so we just started driving! First stop was theContinue reading “Jeeping Around Samui – Part 1”

Mantra Samui Thailand

We love love love our hotel! Everything about it is perfect. We found an amazing deal on but it was this youtube clip that helped us make our decision to book: The Mantra Samui lives up to all of our expectations and so far it has only been one day. The resort is quirkyContinue reading “Mantra Samui Thailand”