Driving Around Ireland – Photo Flashback

One of the first countries that we visited on our big Europe trip was Ireland. We hired a car and drove around the country, that is, until we ran out of money for petrol. This picture was taken somewhere along the drive. I don’t know exactly where it was taken… but we liked the viewContinue reading “Driving Around Ireland – Photo Flashback”

A Horse in a Paddock – Photo Flashback – Ireland 2008

This photo was captured by my husband Nektarios. We hired a car when we were travelling around Ireland back in 2008. I can’t remember where we stopped but we saw this horse in a paddock and though it was a great photo opportunity. So, we stopped the car and snapped a pic.

Blarney Castle

Listed a one of the top 99 things to do before you die by Discovery Channel we can now cross it off our list.   We walked to the top of Blarney Castle to kiss the stone – those who kiss the stone become blessed with the “Irish gift of the gab”. Apparently the people backContinue reading “Blarney Castle”