Copenhagen Denmark

We did a quick trip to Copenhagen, Denmark last weekend and we had the pleasure of staying with the Vistrup family: Nektarios’ Thea Angela, her husband Bjarne, their daughters Ellen & Mia, their very cute grandson Oliver, the cat, the rabbit and the deer! Thank you for your generous hospitality and for being our personal tour guides for the wholeContinue reading “Copenhagen Denmark”

Greek Easter

Xristos Anesti  Happy ‘Greek’ Easter Greek Easter was certainly different for us this year but we tried our best to celebrate it the same way you guys would have back home. Nektarios and i went to St Sophia’s Greek Orthodox Church on Moscow Road in Bayswater (along with 10,000 other Greek Londoners!). After the Friday night service,Continue reading “Greek Easter”

Culture Shock

Things are different on the other side of the world. In the London supermarket (like woolies) you can buy your fruit, veges and meats and then eat straight away. In the vegie section there is a cafe that sells salads and juices. In the seafood and meat section there is a bar that cooks the fish and meats. This meansContinue reading “Culture Shock”