The Coloured Buildings in Copenhagen – Photo Flashback – Denmark

While in Copenhagen, we took a boat tour around the city. This photo was snapped as soon as we boarded the boat, before we actually began the tour. The coloured buildings along the water were a beautiful site to see. Cafes and restaurants occupy the bottom level of the buildings and there are a lotContinue reading “The Coloured Buildings in Copenhagen – Photo Flashback – Denmark”

Pumpkins on the Street – Photo Flashback – Denmark 2008

In 2008 we spent a weekend in Copenhagen, Denmark. While walking down the streets we found these pumpkins displayed in a market on the side of the road. I’m not sure if these pumpkins were for sale or just a display. Apparently you can not eat these pumpkins – they are uneatable. Not sure why?Continue reading “Pumpkins on the Street – Photo Flashback – Denmark 2008”

Copenhagen Denmark

We did a quick trip to Copenhagen, Denmark last weekend and we had the pleasure of staying with the Vistrup family: Nektarios’ Thea Angela, her husband Bjarne, their daughters Ellen & Mia, their very cute grandson Oliver, the cat, the rabbit and the deer! Thank you for your generous hospitality and for being our personal tour guides for the wholeContinue reading “Copenhagen Denmark”