Fancy Dress

I found some pics from Mary’s birthday party. She had a 60’s and 70’s party a couple of weeks ago. Nektarios looks really funny with that wig and his fake mo… he rekons he looks like his Dad did but in the old days. I feel like a blimp. The dress i had to wear made me look fat but i didn’t care it was all just a bit of fun.


My computer crashed… ahhhr! I am so upset i cryed for ages. Why did this have to happen? Well i know exatcly why it was to teach me a lesson – I MUST BACK UP MY COMPUTER I MUST BACK UP MY COMPUTER I MUST BACK UP MY COMPUTER!

I have lost all of my lifes work. All my assignments, all of my cool pics, all my stuff… everything.

So what i am doing today is just fixing everything up again. Putting things into order and up loading some pics from my camera. To be really honest i am kinda happy that i get to start from scratch again. I am organising everything properly this time… I just wish i still had my stuff.

my first blog

Wow, what an interesting concept.

I am a new to this whole world of blogging and im finding it all very interesting. I am doing a research assignment about blogging for a uni assignment and i stumbled accross this cool feature on msn. So here i am web logging myself. I am pretty excited actually. The concept is very cool.

I can’t wait to start reading what other people have to say.


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