Thermomix Recipe Abbreviations

WTF Thermomix AbbreviationsWhen you are new to the Thermomix world, everything can be a little overwhelming. Even for me, as a Thermomix Consultant! I often use google to search for the meaning of recipe abbreviations. It can be confusing.

For the record… I apologise for swearing in this blog title. WTF stands for “What The F##k.” LOL! That one means Laugh Out Loud.

I hope this abbreviation list helps you. If you know any others please leave a comment and I’ll add them to the list!Continue reading “Thermomix Recipe Abbreviations”

How To Get A Thermomix For Christmas

How To Get A Thermomix For Christmas

A big thank you to my client Janice for these amazing tips! They worked for her… hopefully they work for you too 😉

Here are a few ideas to help you get a Thermomix for Christmas:

1. Dear Present Giver Letter

Print out this letter and leave it out on the kitchen table or some place where it might be seen by everyone. Or try posting it to your Facebook wall or emailing the letter to your family. This letter is a great way to tell you family and friends that you want a Thermomix for Christmas!

If you are a Thermomix Consultant, you might like to download this file and send it to your customers with your own contact details on it:

Dearest Present Giver {Download This File To Add Your Consultant’s Name}

Dearest Present Giver - I Want A Thermomix For Christmas!

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Thermomix Baby Rice Cereal Recipe

Thermomix Baby Rice Cereal |

Before I share my favourite Thermomix baby rice cereal recipes, let me start off by saying this:

**I am not a health expert… this is just my opinion. Ask your own health professional to get advice that is right for you and your baby.**

Will You Feed Your Baby Farex Rice Cereal? 

My mum bought a packet of farex back when I was pregnant. She was very excited about becoming a grandmother and she wanted to be prepared for when the baby starts to eat solids.

Everyone just assumes that the first thing you should feed your baby is farex. However there is now a bit of debate about weather or not farex is the best “first food” for your baby. I don’t want to jump in to that debate here but you can google it and find lots of interesting information.Continue reading “Thermomix Baby Rice Cereal Recipe”

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