How Much Should You Pay For A Babycino?

How Much Should You Pay For A Babycino?

$2.50 For A BabyCino? That’s An Outrage!

For years and years I have been giving away babycinos for free. But today I was charged $2.50 for one. OMG I feel outraged. Needless to say, I will not be going back to that cafe to get my morning coffee.

However, it got me thinking… how much should you pay for a babycino?
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Vasilopita Thermomix Recipe

Vasilopita Thermomix RecipeVasilopita

Vasilopita is a traditional cake or bread that we make on New Years Day every year. This year I made Vasilopita in my Thermomix. The coin was found in between my piece of cake and my husband’s piece of cake but he claimed it and said he was the winner. I hope that it brings good luck to everyone who found the lucky Vasilopita coin.Continue reading “Vasilopita Thermomix Recipe”

Hospital Packing List: What To Pack For The Birth Of Your Baby

What To Pack For The Hospital One of my girlfriends is about to have a baby. She was packing her hospital bag and I told her that I have a packing list that I can share. Many of the girls in my mothers group loved this list so I thought I’d share it here on the blog too. You can download the packing list here: Hospital Packing List. It is an excel template which means you will be able to edit and change it to suit your own needs.

Do you have a pregnant friend that you can forward this list to?

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