I have been making coffee as a professional barista for about 15 years now. I love making coffee and I also love drinking coffee. However, this year I quit drinking coffee to help me in my Baby Body Challenge – more about that in a different post!

My coffee shop is called The Coffee Club and it is located in Brisbane Square. I also help my brother and my sister in their businesses – we each have our own cafe.

During my time at The Coffee Club i have also done a lot of corporate training. I teach other Franchisee’s how to set up and run their businesses and I love training teams. Lately I have been doing some consulting work and I’m considering a development in that area. So if you have your own restaurant or coffee shop and you would like me to help you grow your business, then please get in touch with me.

The Coffee Club Brisbane Square
The Coffee Club Brisbane Square – Sia’s Business
Wrapped Corporate Catering
Wrapped Corporate Catering – Nick’s Business
Caffe Etto - Anthea & Alex's Business
Caffe Etto – Anthea & Alex’s Business

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