Get Off Your Blog To Build Your Audience

If you want to build your audience, then you need to get off your blog. On day 3 of the 31DBBB Challenge, Darren Rowse suggests a number ways that you can get off your blog to promote your brand. You should listen to Darren’s podcast to get more detailed information about each of these tipsContinue reading “Get Off Your Blog To Build Your Audience”

100 List Post Ideas For Your Blog

Benefits Of A List Post A list post on your blog can be beneficial in so many ways. They are often really easy to read and they allow the reader to scan through the headlines and grasp the main points quickly. A list post can also act as sneeze pages to direct your readers toContinue reading “100 List Post Ideas For Your Blog”

Create an Elevator Pitch For Your Blog or Business

If you were in an elevator with another person for about 30 seconds, what would you say? How could you promote your blog/business and talk about what you do in a way that is succinct and engaging?