Breastfeeding Tops For Nursing Mamas

An exciting package arrived in the mail today and I couldn’t wait to open the box. I made my first vlog style product review and you can watch it by clicking on the play button in the video below. When you watch my video you will see the new nursing tops that I ordered from Nursing Mama…Continue reading “Breastfeeding Tops For Nursing Mamas”

Preparing for Prac – A Student Teacher’s Wardrobe

I’m about to begin my teaching internship and I plan to be on prac for the next 2 months. Im super excited that I finally have the chance to complete my university degree… but I have no idea what Im going to wear! For the last 16 years, I have worked the same job andContinue reading “Preparing for Prac – A Student Teacher’s Wardrobe”

My Solution to: Acrylic vs. Shellac vs. OPI Nail Polish

For years and years I have been getting acrylic nails put on and drilled off.  I like my nails to look painted, shaped and square. The problem is that I can’t wear fake nails or coloured nails to work so it seems like I am forever putting them on and taking them off again. AfterContinue reading “My Solution to: Acrylic vs. Shellac vs. OPI Nail Polish”