39 Reasons Why You Should Be A Thermomix Consultant

At a recent Thermomix Branch Training Session we focused on the topic of recruitment. Recruiting new consultants to our team is really important because there are over 70 places still to fill in our area. We sat down as a group to brainstorm why anyone might like to be a consultant. We all love ourContinue reading “39 Reasons Why You Should Be A Thermomix Consultant”

15 Reasons To Pick Up The Phone And Call Your Client

Do you pick up the phone and call your clients? I do, but only if I have something of value to offer! High Pressure, Pushy Sales Calls Is Not My Style I hate the idea of systematically calling people just to try to make a sale. It doesn’t feel right to me. The high pressure,Continue reading “15 Reasons To Pick Up The Phone And Call Your Client”

Get Off Your Blog To Build Your Audience

If you want to build your audience, then you need to get off your blog. On day 3 of the 31DBBB Challenge, Darren Rowse suggests a number ways that you can get off your blog to promote your brand. You should listen to Darren’s podcast to get more detailed information about each of these tipsContinue reading “Get Off Your Blog To Build Your Audience”