Using Mail Chimp as a Thermomix Consultant

Here is my lesson plan for tonight’s Thermomix Branch Meeting. I plan to talk about Mail chimp’s new DMARC policy How to create a domain name How to send better marketing emails. I think the session may be recorded and if it is I’ll share the link here as a follow up. However if youContinue reading “Using Mail Chimp as a Thermomix Consultant”

How To Get A Thermomix For Christmas

A big thank you to my client Janice for these amazing tips! They worked for her… hopefully they work for you too 😉 Here are a few ideas to help you get a Thermomix for Christmas: 1. Dear Present Giver Letter Print out this letter and leave it out on the kitchen table or someContinue reading “How To Get A Thermomix For Christmas”

12 Thermomix Bloggers I Would Love To Meet

I will be attending my 4th ProBlogger networking event this weekend and I’m looking forward to meeting up with my online blogging friends. I am especially excited to meet the fabulous writers behind the Thermomix blogs that I follow. Here are 12 Thermomix bloggers that I would love to meet: