Preggi Bellies – A “Safe” Fitness Class For Pregnant Women

I Quit The Gym I quit the gym as soon as I found out that I was pregnant. Everybody told me to slow down, stop lifting heavy objects and avoid anything that might hurt the baby. This put a whole lot of fear in to my mind about exercising, especially during the first 12 weeks. IContinue reading “Preggi Bellies – A “Safe” Fitness Class For Pregnant Women”

Shopping At The Rock A Buy Baby Markets – Brisbane

The Baby Shopping List The list of things to buy for baby is getting longer and longer by the minute. I keep on adding “important” things to the list and then I cross them out again after I think about how much money we still need to save before baby arrives. Shopping around is extremelyContinue reading “Shopping At The Rock A Buy Baby Markets – Brisbane”

6 Baby Markets Around Brisbane

My girlfriend bought her pram from a local baby market and she was thrilled with the fact that she got such a great bargain on a good quality product. Yes, it was second-hand, but the pram was really well looked after and just needed a bit of steam cleaning to sparkle it up again. This got me thinking…Continue reading “6 Baby Markets Around Brisbane”