Shopping At The Rock A Buy Baby Markets – Brisbane

The Baby Shopping List The list of things to buy for baby is getting longer and longer by the minute. I keep on adding “important” things to the list and then I cross them out again after I think about how much money we still need to save before baby arrives. Shopping around is extremelyContinue reading “Shopping At The Rock A Buy Baby Markets – Brisbane”

6 Baby Markets Around Brisbane

My girlfriend bought her pram from a local baby market and she was thrilled with the fact that she got such a great bargain on a good quality product. Yes, it was second-hand, but the pram was really well looked after and just needed a bit of steam cleaning to sparkle it up again. This got me thinking…Continue reading “6 Baby Markets Around Brisbane”

Pregnancy Calendars, Journals and iPhone Apps

Yay! I’m pregnant!! It has taken a while for this exciting news to sink in to my head. I still can’t really believe it. I’m pregnant and I have to keep on reminding myself. It is so damn exciting, I can’t stop thinking about it. But then again, I guess that I have always thought aboutContinue reading “Pregnancy Calendars, Journals and iPhone Apps”