Congratulations… You’re Pregnant!

 “Congratulations… You’re Pregnant!” I heard the words come out of the doctors mouth but I am still in shock and disbelief. Could it be true? Are we really pregnant? After 4 years of trying, has this actually happened… naturally without the IVF treatment that we have been planning?

Shooting: Our New Hobby

Each year I like to learn something new. Last year it was golf, but we only played one game before we packed up the clubs and gave up. After that we turned our attention to squash. A squash racket is much cheaper to buy than a set of golf clubs. This year, we have decidedContinue reading “Shooting: Our New Hobby”

The Reason We Changed Gyms

Today I received a promotional text message from our old gym. It said: “We miss you at the Gym! Rejoin at your old rate and get 30 days free! Tomorrow only. TS&Cs apply. Reply YES for details, STOP to opt out.” Dear Gym, A promotional text message will not bring us back in the door.Continue reading “The Reason We Changed Gyms”