How To Start Weekly Pregnancy Photos – Our Baby Bump

Weekly Baby Bump Photos Capturing weekly baby bump photos is something that I have always wanted to do. Over the years, I have seen other people’s photos and I have collected inspirational photography ideas on my Pinterest board. Now that I am finally pregnant, I have the perfect opportunity to create my own photo memories. I think that everybodyContinue reading “How To Start Weekly Pregnancy Photos – Our Baby Bump”

Congratulations… You’re Pregnant!

 “Congratulations… You’re Pregnant!” I heard the words come out of the doctors mouth but I am still in shock and disbelief. Could it be true? Are we really pregnant? After 4 years of trying, has this actually happened… naturally without the IVF treatment that we have been planning?

Shooting: Our New Hobby

Each year I like to learn something new. Last year it was golf, but we only played one game before we packed up the clubs and gave up. After that we turned our attention to squash. A squash racket is much cheaper to buy than a set of golf clubs. This year, we have decidedContinue reading “Shooting: Our New Hobby”