Congratulations… You’re Pregnant!

 “Congratulations… You’re Pregnant!” I heard the words come out of the doctors mouth but I am still in shock and disbelief. Could it be true? Are we really pregnant? After 4 years of trying, has this actually happened… naturally without the IVF treatment that we have been planning?


Skinny Bitch (Get The) Bun in the Oven…

We had a QFG visit with the fertility nurse the other day and she told me that I should start eating like a pregnant woman. At first, I thought that I could now indulge in guilt free chocolate cake, pile up my portion sizes and pretend like I’m ‘eating for two’. However the advice wasContinue reading “Skinny Bitch (Get The) Bun in the Oven…”

IVF is not difficult… it is just stressful.

We just had a meeting with one of the fertility nurses from QFG and the first things she said to us was that:  “IVF is not difficult… it is just stressful” After that, she used pictures, powerpoint slides, graphs, statistics, brochures and dvd’s to demonstrations and explain all the ‘simple’ complexities of what we areContinue reading “IVF is not difficult… it is just stressful.”