7 Foods That Can Heal Your Body – Thermomix Cooking Inspiration

This month, my Thermomix Team and I are focusing on “health benefits of food“. Specifically foods which have healing remedies. We are learning about Ayurvedic Medicine and how food can directly influence the way that we feel.

DAY 82: How Do I Shop For Paleo Meat?

I found this clip on Bob’s Blog when researching how to Grocery Shop for Paleo Meat. Bob writes about where to buy grass-fed, pasture raised, and wild caught meats. However I got a lot of value from reading the article How to choose great Meat from your butcher by paleolifestyle.com. How to choose great meat from yourContinue reading “DAY 82: How Do I Shop For Paleo Meat?”

DAY 83: Week Two of The 90 Day Paleo Challenge

So, it’s Monday again, and it’s week 2 of the 90 Day Paleo Challenge! It’s the day after my ‘guilt free, anything goes, Paleo free day’ and I feel like crap. It feels like I have to start all over again… but before I spiral down into negative thoughts and fall off the wagon. I thoughtContinue reading “DAY 83: Week Two of The 90 Day Paleo Challenge”