DAY 89 – Defining Paleo

What is Paleo? Since starting the 90 DAY Paleo Challenge I have tried to figure out what I can and what I can’t eat on this new diet. Whilst there are a lot of books available to purchase and many blogs and websites about the subject of Paleo – it is still very difficult to findContinue reading “DAY 89 – Defining Paleo”

DAY 90 : Starting the Paleo Challenge

*This image was sourced from the website: The Common Sense Warrior DAY 90 Today was the first day of the 90 Day Paleo Challenge. I have named this day and this blog post DAY 90. I am starting with Day 90 and working my way down to my final day which will be DAY 1. This count down is aContinue reading “DAY 90 : Starting the Paleo Challenge”

Self Sabotage : Just Before a Diet

The day before, the night before and/or the hour before a new diet plan, always becomes a massive act of self sabotage. I eat all of my favourite foods and absolutely all of the chocolate I can find in the fridge and pantry. I pretend like its the very last time I am ever goingContinue reading “Self Sabotage : Just Before a Diet”