Using Mail Chimp as a Thermomix Consultant

Here is my lesson plan for tonight’s Thermomix Branch Meeting. I plan to talk about Mail chimp’s new DMARC policy How to create a domain name How to send better marketing emails. I think the session may be recorded and if it is I’ll share the link here as a follow up. However if youContinue reading “Using Mail Chimp as a Thermomix Consultant”

Vasilopita Thermomix Recipe

Vasilopita Vasilopita is a traditional cake or bread that we make on New Years Day every year. This year I made Vasilopita in my Thermomix. The coin was found in between my piece of cake and my husband’s piece of cake but he claimed it and said he was the winner. I hope that itContinue reading “Vasilopita Thermomix Recipe”