Taking Stock

I love reading Veggie Mama’s posts about “Taking Stock”. The idea originally comes from the blog Meet Me At Mikes. Now, I’m going to give it a go.

You can make a list too, if you want to. I’d love to read it! Let me know if you do this too.

Making: My very first “taking stock” blog post.
Cooking: Soup. Avgolemeno (Greek Egg and Lemon Soup), pumpkin soup, my son’s 1st birthday cake as well as this awesome salted caramel fudge. All made in my Thermomix of course.

Drinking: Earl grey tea.
Reading: Comments and posts from Thermomix Facebook Groups. There are so many, I can’t keep up with them all.
Wanting: A new house with a nice kitchen and a bath.
Looking: at my son, asleep in my bed while I’m sitting on the floor with my laptop trying not to wake him up.
Playing: at playgroup on Wednesdays and at Gymboree on Fridays.
Deciding: When I should go back to “real” work and start teaching again.
Wishing: That I could earn enough money from my online businesses so that I don’t have to go back to “real” work.
Enjoying: This quiet time on my laptop while my son is sleeping and my husband is at work.
Waiting: For my new cookbook to launch – not long now 🙂
Liking: my new dyson that I received as a mother’s day gift this year. It sure beats cleaning the floor with a dustpan and brush every two seconds.
Wondering: What area we are going to live in next. It’s time to move house.
Loving: My little boy. Our little family.
Pondering: How long it will be until we have another baby.
Considering: Staying up all night, to get some work done. No idea why I’m procrastinating with this list. I really should be working right now on my book deadlines.
Buying: Groceries from Coles online.
Watching: Game of Thrones (all up to date there), Jessica Jones (we just finished the first season).
Hoping: That I can sell at least 1000 cookbooks before the end of this month.

Marvelling: At how much my little boy changes every single day, and how quickly he grows.
Needing: a bikram yoga session. Or 5.
Questioning: Why I keep adding new projects to my plate when I’m already totally overwhelmed by everything that I have to do.
Smelling: Stinky nappies. OMG so bad right now. Yuk.
Wearing: PJ’s. Warm, pink, flannies because the weather is getting so cold.
Following: I’m gonna say veggie mama here because I was reading her blog post when I decided to take stock for myself. But also I’m following some amazing Thermomix bloggers.
Noticing: How much happier I am right now. More than before.
Knowing: This is exactly where I am supposed to be.
Thinking: All about the book. It is my number one project. Plus about a gazillion other things that I have going on in my life.
Admiring: People who have a dream to do something and they actually do it.
Sorting: Our draws, over and over again. Because my little boy like to open up the draws and empty them… all the time!
Getting: my phone fixed. The screen is smashed. Oh boy.
Bookmarking: veggie stock recipe on the Thermomix recipe platform. I’m out and I need to ensure I have the ingredients on my shopping list to make it this week.
Disliking: getting out of bed on these cold mornings
Opening: a lot of semolina these days. Up until recently, the same packet of semolina sat in my pantry for about 8 years. Then I started cooking Greek food in my Thermomix and now I’m opening a new packet once a month.
Giggling: I love making my son giggle. It’s my mission to make him giggle at least once a day.
Feeling: Exhausted. Overwhelmed. Tired. Busy. Excited. Proud.
Snacking: Usually on chocolate. I need to fix that. Let’s start looking for some healthy snacks from now on.
Helping: I’m helping a few of my blogging friends to make better blogs and I’m helping a few of my Thermomix friends to start using mail chimp for their business.
Listening: I love listening to podcasts while driving in the car. Scott Smith, Darren Rowse, Pat Flynn, Amy Porterfield plus heaps more.

Well that was fun.

I wonder what the next taking stock post will be like?

If you do this, be sure to leave a link in the comments. I’d love to ready your response.


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