How To Get A Thermomix For Christmas

How To Get A Thermomix For Christmas

A big thank you to my client Janice for these amazing tips! They worked for her… hopefully they work for you too ūüėČ

Here are a few ideas to help you get a Thermomix for Christmas:

1. Dear Present Giver Letter

Print out this letter and leave it out on the kitchen table or some place where it might be seen by everyone. Or try posting it to your Facebook wall or emailing the letter to your family. This letter is a great way to tell you family and friends that you want a Thermomix for Christmas!

If you are a Thermomix Consultant, you might like to download this file and send it to your customers with your own contact details on it:

Dearest Present Giver {Download This File To Add Your Consultant’s Name}

Dearest Present Giver - I Want A Thermomix For Christmas!

2. Ask Santa For A Thermomix

Ok don’t laugh. I know you have all thought about doing this. And if you already have a Thermomix in your kitchen then I’m sure that you are thinking about other Thermomix goodies that you can ask Santa for. Like, the new Festive Flavours Cook Book, or a Gingerbread House Mould, or a Second Thermomix. Remember, Santa will only deliver to those who have been¬†good this year ūüôā

Santa Photo With Thermomix
Santa Photo – Thanks To Thermi Affair for sharing this awesome pic!

3. Walk Around The House Singing Christmas Carols

I’m serious about this!! Do you need your hubby to get the hint? Start singing christmas carols and add “Thermomix” in to the song. E.G:

“All I want for Christmas is a Ther…mo..mix, a There…mo…mix, a Ther…mo…mix!”

4. Start A ThermoFund

Ask your friends and family to contribute to your “ThermoFund” this Christmas. This is much better than receiving gifts that you don’t want. Much better than returning undated gifts back to the shops after boxing day and much better than stashing things in the cupboard that you will never use. Your ThermoFund will be a great deposit to kick start your savings for your Thermomix.

If you don’t raise all the funds you need by Christmas time, then you can set some goals in place to get a new Thermomix in the New Year!¬†

Here are some New Year’s Saving Tips:

5. Set a Goal

Set a goal to get your Thermomix. Work out exactly how long will it take you to save $2089 for a Thermomix. Then break that down in to monthly, weekly or daily goals.  Create a savings plan and stick to it!

Can you afford $20 a week? If yes, then you could get your Thermomix right now with our  current Interest Free Finance promotion. This will speed up the process so that you can have your Thermomix right now rather than having to wait until you save up the whole amount.

6. Create A Gift Registry

If you have a special event coming up soon Рlike a birthday, engagement, wedding, bridal shower, kitchen tea, baby shower etc Рthen you can set up a gift registry.  You will receive little Thermomix cards to hand out with your invitations. Here is a link to the Thermomix website if you want more information about setting up a gift registry: Thermomix Gift Registry

Thermomix Gift Registry
Image Source:

7. Save $5 Notes

Somebody told me this saving tip a while ago. My husband and I tried it a couple of times and it was a really good way to save for something that we wanted. All you have to do is hide away all of your $5 notes. As soon as you get a $5 note in you purse or wallet, save it! Put the $5  note in to your money tin or savings account. $5 is nothing in the whole scheme of things but they add up quickly over time.

You will have 2K saved up before you know it.

8. Give Up Your Daily Coffee

Right now you can get a Thermomix in your kitchen for about $20 per week (with our current Interest Free Finance promotion). That is so affordable. Most people spend about $4-5, sometimes more, on a daily coffee. Re-direct this money and you can have a Thermomix instead!

I know that this sounds really hard… I would hate to give up my coffee too! If you don’t want to give up coffee, then choose something else. How about bottled water? Fill up your own bottle from home instead of buying them when you are at the shops or take a home made lunch to work instead of buying your lunch. There are lots of ways to save a few dollars each day. Redirect this money in to your ThermoFund!

9. Become A Thermomix Consultant

You can earn your Thermomix if you become a consultant. It’s lots of fun and you learn heaps¬†about food and cooking. Plus, you have the opportunity to earn lots of other great incentives. Here is a link to the Thermomix website if you want more information about becoming a consultant. And here is a blog post that I wrote¬†to when I first become a Thermomix Consultant:¬†Thermomix Training Day 1 – Starting The Journey To Be A Consultant


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